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Faux Finishes Available

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DSC00125.JPG (42082 bytes)

Elephant Hide Finish

DSC00131.JPG (11911 bytes)

Tri-Color Blend with variances

DSC00127.JPG (17819 bytes)

Tri-Color Blend with variances

DSC00129.JPG (12043 bytes)

French Scumble

DSC00132.JPG (12847 bytes)

French Scumble

DSC00133.JPG (29988 bytes)

Metallic Highlight

DSC00134.JPG (46960 bytes)

Embedded Italian Villa

DSC00135.JPG (28386 bytes)

Linear Embedding

Dsc00155.jpg (88617 bytes)

Linear Embedding with Faux Stone Pulloff

Dsc00157.jpg (59517 bytes)

Word Imprint on Linear Embedding

Dsc00161.jpg (62180 bytes)

Sand Stone Blocks

Dsc00162.jpg (61600 bytes)

European Plaster Finish

Dsc00163.jpg (57375 bytes)



Dsc00165.jpg (80355 bytes)

Reptile Skin

Dsc00166.jpg (70425 bytes)

O'Villa Plaster with Tri-Color Blend

Dsc00167.jpg (35365 bytes)

Embossed Leather

Dsc00168.jpg (30562 bytes)

Dsc00171.jpg (25218 bytes)

These two pictures are the same example of Layered Wax taken under different light sources/angles.  The true beauty is the transparency 

Dsc00172.jpg (38560 bytes)

Embedded Lace

Dsc00174.jpg (20035 bytes)


Dsc00175.jpg (20187 bytes)

Old World Fresco

Dsc00176.jpg (23899 bytes)

Old World Fresco

Dsc00177.jpg (39895 bytes)

Fine Line Crackle

Dsc00180.jpg (29786 bytes)


Dsc00182.jpg (15272 bytes)

Venetian Gem Plaster

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